Swimming and Contact Lens Recommendations

Swimming and Contact Lens Recommendations

Swimming with your contact lenses on, is possible but very risky. When swimming on lakes and rivers, there is a huge possibility for a microorganism called acanthamoeba to adhere to your lens, causing infection and inflammation of your cornea (acanthamoeba keratitis), which can lead to vision loss and possibly blindness. In the pool, eye irritation is possible when chlorine sticks on the surface of your lens. Your contact lenses can be dislodge when you encounter large waves or get splashed. You can still wear your lenses, but do so with proper precautions.

  • Wear protective goggles. This is the most effective way to protect your lenses when you have them on while you're swimming. Goggles will prevent irritant chlorine from getting into your contact lenses and eyes while you are in the pool. Your goggles should fit tightly around your eye sockets shielding your eyes against invasion of microbes and also prevent your contact lenses from being dislodged when you encounter waves, splashes, or even sand.

  • Soft daily disposable contact lenses are more ideal than hard lenses or planned replacement lenses when you're swimming. This is due to the larger circumference that firmly adhere your contact lenses to your eyes, preventing them from being dislodged while you swim. In addition, they are disposable so you can just throw them away after you're swimming, keeping your eyes safe from any microbes and other harmful contaminants.

  • Apply re-wetting eye drops to your eyes. There is a huge possibility for you to feel dryness in your eyes when you swim. It is advisable to apply re-wetting eye drops to your eyes, this provides lubrication that allows your contact lenses to properly stick to your eyes, preventing them from drying and falling off.

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1. Elizabeth wrote:
Great tips! I wear contacts, and I've tried to wear goggles but water always gets in. I didn't know about all of the consequences though, next time I'll just wear my glasses!

Thu, June 30, 2011 @ 4:54 PM

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