Airsoft Safety

Anyone who's owned an Airsoft gun or plans on owning one has probably heard the cautionary tales of Airsoft guns. These are the tales of eye damage and permanent blindness caused by Airsoft pellets hitting people in the face and lack of protective eyewear. It's ok though because all of these stories are just urban legends right? Wrong! If you use Airsoft guns and don't take the proper precautions then you could quite easily wind up with a serious eye injury. Using an Airsoft gun while taking the proper precautions will ensure that your Airsoft experience be completely safe.

There are some simple steps to ensure a safe Airsoft shooting experience. First, make sure that there are no people or animals in the immediate area. Also, remember that even if you aren't shooting directly at anyone that Airsoft bbs don't always wind up landing where you expect them to. Airsoft BBs are too light to pierce many objects and will often ricochet back in your general direction or that of the people watching you shoot. You won't see an Airsoft BB coming at you traveling at over 150 feet per second until it's far too late.

Always wear some form of eye protection when using an Airsoft gun - be it in your backyard or in an organized Airsoft war game. Proper eye protection means eye goggles rated at least ANSI Z87.1 or paintball goggles. Proper eye protection is not military sun/dust/wind goggles, ski goggles, or shop glasses. Do no risk you won eyes or take on a liability for your friend’s eyes. A stray BB could come flying at your face at any moment so you need to be prepared.  If you're playing competition Airsoft war games do not take your mask off during active play. They can fog up and be uncomfortable to wear but never, ever remove your mask or goggles during play. Even during planning time another players gun could misfire and injuries can result. Be aware!


If, for whatever, reason do you receive an eye injury by an Airsoft BB then you should contact Prairie EyeCare Center immediately. Leaving an eye injury untreated isn't an option and further damage can result from lack of treatment. 

Just a reminder from the doctors and staff at Prairie EyeCare Center, where we care for your safety as well as your eyes.

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